Best Cookware Reviews – Cast Iron

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Cast iron has been used a long time for pots and pans. In the days of open fire cooking the cast iron cookware was a must to have. Today, there are some people that still enjoy using it.


Best cookware reviews show that pots and pans made from cast iron are the most durable of all cookware. They last so well that these have been handed down in families. Cast iron also imparts some of its iron into the food that is cooked in it, so it makes it the healthier choice in this aspect. Also, this cookware evenly conducts heat, which means your food cooks much quicker lessening your time in the kitchen.

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One bad thing about cookware made from cast iron is extremely heavy. You could have a hard time lifting and maneuvering the pots and pans. Another downside is cleaning them. These must be rinsed with hot water as soon as they are cool enough to handle.

You can use a sponge to wipe off food. It is important not to remove the seasoning off these pots or pans, so no steel wool or detergents. You need to lightly coat with cooking oil to keep them from rusting. Do not ever put them in the dishwasher they will rust for sure in there.

Best Cookware Reviews – Anodized Aluminum

Most professional and celebrity chefs enjoy anodized aluminum cookware so much that they have put their names to sets of them.

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Aluminum has long been known for its heat-conducting ability. But just regular aluminum can change color when exposed to certain foods, and even leach into acidic foods, which cause the flavor to change. Luckily, according to best cookware reviews, anodized aluminum (also called hard anodized) is an improved material over plain aluminum to make pots and pans from, because the aluminum goes through a process that keeps it from reacting with the foods. It also still retains its excellent heat conduction.

Some of this cookware has non-stick coating on the cooking area. This cookware wears up well under heavy use as long as proper care is given to it.


The best cookware reviews say that hard-anodized cookware can cost more than other cookware, even if it is worth it, you might have a hard time affording it depending on your budget. This cookware cannot be washed in the dishwasher, only by hand.

The wrong pots and pans can make preparing dishes a chore and spoil the experience. We hope by sharing these best cookware reviews that we have helped lift the confusion on which one you should buy for your needs. There are other types of pots and pans besides the ones listed above, but these four are some of the popular ones being used today.

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