Anolon Nouvelle 3QT Copper Covered Casserole Review Part 1

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Background Information for Anolon Nouvelle Copper 3 Qt.

Covered Casserole:

We recently received the Anolon Nouvelle Copper 3 quart Covered Casserole for review. This casserole pan can be found on many cookware department pages. This pan is constructed from Hard-Anodized Aluminum which is twice as hard as stainless steel and is very popular for it’s wonderful heat distribution. This casserole is non-stick and features the restaurant tested Autograph 2 Nonstick Interior.

Visual Impressions:

The first thing noticeable while un-boxing this piece of cookware is the beautiful stainless steel handles and the elegant deep seated stainless steel lid. The stainless additions provide a very eye pleasing accent to the pan. As we proceeded to unwrap we were just as impressed with the look of the rest of the casserole pan. Not only does the the design of this casserole make it look beautiful it also provides for extended functionality.

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Design and Construction:

While holding this Anolon cookware in our hands we could instantly feel the high quality of craftsmanship that went into creating this cookware. The casserole feels very sturdy due to the Hard-Anodized construction, flush riveted stainless steel handles and heavy weighted bottom.

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This Anolon Casserole features a unique “Double Full Cap Base” that is crafted with heat conductive copper. This base provides a layer of aluminum encapsulated with copper followed by more aluminum and then capped with impact bonded stainless steel. The unique base featured on this casserole makes this piece of cookware very versatile and compatible with most cooking surfaces.

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The deep seated stainless steel lid is designed for fitting securely to the pan which helps to lock in flavor and nutrients. The lid features a refined raised handle to offer extra clearance for safer more comfortable lifting.

The stainless steel handles are connected to the body of the pan using rivets so that they will stay secure and not become loose and wobbly. This pan features a new flush riveting style which means the rivets that connect the handles are flush on the interior of the casserole. The flush rivets keep ingredients from getting stuck on the rivets while cooking. While cooking on the stove top the outside edges of the handles get pretty warm but are still touchable, as you move closer to the pan they get very hot and untouchable.

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