Pro Tips for Choosing a Bathroom Vanity


Pro Tips for Choosing a Bathroom Vanity

A bathroom remodel is a project that has the double benefit of increasing the value of your home, while at the same time adding to your quality of life.  If you are not ready to do a full remodel, a brand new bathroom vanity is a great place to start.


  • Consider Your Needs

Now is the time for some basic homework.  Carefully measure your space making sure to take notes on where the existing plumbing is.  Think about whether you would like a wall hung vanity or a freestanding vanity.  It is important to make a checklist of the items you plan on storing in the vanity as this will give you an idea of what configuration will work best for you.   

  • Consider Your Wants

Since the bathroom vanity is usually the very first thing you will see when you walk into the bathroom, make sure you choose something that is visually appealing.  Go to a showroom where you can see options on display.  If the vanity is going in the master bathroom consider a vanity with two sinks.  Double sinks not only give you more storage due to the larger footprint, but will also make life easier for those using it. 

  • Choice of Construction Materials

Choices vary when it comes to construction materials including solid wood, plywood, metal, MDF, and more.  Each type will have their own pros and cons, although some will hold up better over time.  Higher end materials may be more expensive initially, but since they last longer they are usually more cost effective in the long term.  Similarly the counter tops are available in a number of options, the most popular tend to be either marble or granite, but glass tops and ceramic vanity tops are popular choices as well.

  • Installation

A vanity upgrade can be a D.I.Y. project if you are handy, but bringing a plumber in to move pipes if need be can be a wise investment.  Ensure the water is turned off before disconnecting the supply lines, and carefully remove the old vanity.  Mistakes can be costly, and cause you to go over budget unnecessarily.

  • Finishing Touches

A new vanity will more than likely need a new faucet to complete the transformation.  Just as with the vanity there are many options, and it is recommended that you visit a showroom with options to ensure that the faucet you are selecting matches up with your new vanity.  Many people will also take this opportunity to replace an old mirror or medicine cabinet so the entire look is complete.